Welcome to the typography design blog that, Typography is everywhere, whenever you create a thumbnail for your, YouTube video or designer wedding postcard or put something to Instagram by learning the basic typography rules. You make sure that you can convey the message in the most effective way and well typography is sexy, so let’s explore 10 typography design rules, tips, and best practices.

A Visual hierarchy

let’s start with the first typography design rule, a visual hierarchy this block of text is readable. Its serve purpose but the visual impact of this block of text would be stronger. If it had a stronger hierarchy just by resizing the elements and giving the emphasize to add visual hierarchy. In this case, you make the message easier to get at the glance. Just ask yourself what part of the message should really pop in. What order do and want this to be read? How can I make this easier for the reader this is the hierarchy?

Justify Left

When in doubt. set your type to justify left rag right. Why? In Western culture’s people read from top to bottom and left to right. By justifying type left, the eye able to find the edge and read copy much more easily. To avoid indenting the first line of a paragraph for this reason. Justify Left is easier to read

How to Pair fonts?

The next typography design rule is that it doesn’t use too similar fonts. This example you can see two fonts that look very similar vole corn and the Roboto Slab. Both of these fonts have seraphs and because of that, they look kind of similar and better and comfortable. Instead, let’s take a pair of fonts. One or widget serif and the other one sans serif or with no serif. Also, notice that they have a different weight

The top one is bold and the bottom one is hairline or we can reverse it. The key to finding a good pair of fonts is contrast. Even if you use the fonts from the same family as Oswald. You can write one part of the paragraph using all caps and increase. we can drag or we can call it letter spacing do what it takes. But make sure that the font doesn’t look too similar and also try to not use too many fonts. If you struggle to find the right combination of fonts it may give you a head start.


Alignment is the next typography design rule. Without the proper alignment elements just pull apart for easy reading make sure that your text is aligned in the proper way. That means that the elements are grouped according to their logical relationships. Like all the social media links are grouped together in this example, the blocks have the white space in between them and here all elements are aligned to the center of the image or to some imaginary line that runs across the elements. We can align elements to the left or to right but no matter what we do is good to stay consistent throughout the design. One way to approach it is to draw imaginary greed on top of all elements. We can also align everything according to the degree and avoid the parts that penetrate the outer walls of the greed inside.

This place is again good to be consistent say let’s align all the elements to the left but at the same time. We can also align the title and the photo using the central line. If the design blocks are repeated, we also repeat the same alignment rules for consistency.

White Space

The next typography design rule is to keep in mind is white space or six pace comping design elements together. You see here is one of the most common typography mistakes. The design element needs some air to breathe. Separate their elements from each other by adding their empty or say wide space in between them. Based on their relationship or lack of relationship with each other.

Whitespace means not only the space between the objects but also the margins outside the object. So if you can stay away from the edges of the image.


If you want to take your typography design to the next level learn the basics of color theory. Fortunately, there are many tools and websites that will help you with the basics of color theory

https://color.adobe.com/  for example there you can just choose the color rule monochromatic try out complementary compound shade and so on. You will just click and drag these circles to set the route color and Adobe helps you to set up their color harmony. You can pick this sandy color and this website will build the perfect complementary contrast then you can apply this set of colors to your designs. You may be like to try something else the compound color rule for example definitely that’s a very interesting way to learn this kind of learn example thing

One more resource that I’m dying to share with you is https://colorhunt.co/  We have a bunch of ready to use color schemes created by this community. you can switch to popular or random. You can see the hex codes for the individual colors. These hex codes are used to describe the color and use it later on in-game creator Photoshop or whatever.


The point of great typography design rule is to make the text readable not only fancy. Nobody wants to stare at gobbledygook. To make a text readable make sure that it has enough contrast with the good background. That has appropriate space between characters or tracking sufficient size. That’s important and why space around it. Finally, the fonts without bells and whistles are easier to read so fight for readability in every way possible.


This is closely tied to hierarchy then we have this weight contrast try using the fonts from one family but with the contrasting weights by the way this one is called Quicksand. If you want to be creative with your typography design color contrast is your friend. It can be split into three components

The first one is value contrast arguably. is this is the most prominent one. The difference between light and dark. It makes things readable and at the counters, we can use this saturation.

If we use just a saturation contrast. This is a little bit weaker than the value contrast. The hue contrast tells us how far apart are the cores on color wheel often it’ is the least intensive type of contrast. It’s neither good or bad it can be used differently depending on the different contexts.

Hue contrast going on is a common way for other contractors to play with fracking or letter-spacing. But never ever stretch the font never ever.

Style contrast  The final type of contours that we need to know is style contrast. We have already tell try clashing forms with a complimentary mood. That’s looking far more elaborate in triggering and beautiful than just two similar fonts.


As any take cover of a nerd will tell you consistency and simplicity is good to be humble. Stick with no more than a couple fonts per image limit the cheesy effects like brightens and shadows use repetition to your advantage and stick to one visual language throughout the image.

Layout of Text

The next typography design rule is the layout.  Then lay out in typography simply how you arrange the text of the page or rather in the image. You can be creative with the layout ask with yourself. Where do I want to place the text do with the image as a finishing

Now go ahead and try these tips by making the new cool typography for your Instagram rank and thanks for reading and share this belong that’s very important to us just go ahead and share this a million times and will change the world of computer graphics.

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