As a designer we’re always looking to get better we’re always looking to improve our skills.I am going to highlight 14 most important tips for becoming Creative graphic designers. If you follow these, I am sure you will become creative designer. 


14 Tips For Creative Graphic designer


1. Study the history of design.

 You can’t do innovative work unless you know what went before. Get some books on design. Go back in the history of design and study where a lot of these movements ideas and concepts came from.

2. Learn the fundamentals of art

Design is a little bit of art and a little bit of science. So on the art side you really want to learn the basics of visual art. Things like composition, balance, color, form and materials all of the things that go into how humans visually perceive things.

3. Learn to sketch

 Sketching is a highly underrated skill these days. A lot of designers go right to the computer and it really takes a lot longer to get design ideas out on a computer than it does through a quick thumbnail sketch. I encourage you to keep a sketchbook and sketch all the time. particularly when your concept in a design you can bang through a lot of ideas very quickly.

4. Go to an accredited art school

Go to an accredited art school if you can afford it. if you can’t go to a community college go and take courses online. Things are all the way from free to just a few hundred bucks. there’s no excuse for not getting educated in design.

5.  Just design

Design all the time volume is gonna make you get better if you want to become creative graphic designer.

6. Get feedback

 Get outside of the circle of your family and get feedback from other designers. Prepare yourself set up with a mentor. Get hard feedback on your work because that’s what’s gonna make you get better.

7. copy your heroes

Whoever it is that you’re inspired by. Whoever it is that you think is an amazing designer. Copy one or two of their pieces. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn by actually copying someone else’s work. There are always new once’s that you don’t realize when you look at something or some technique that they used in order to get a certain effect. Until you do it you never really learn how it was done so copy people.

8. Stay inspired

Gather inspiration voraciously. gather inspiration like a religion. Carry a sketchbook with you. tear things out of magazines put them in that sketchbook. Take pictures with your phone and start a Pinterest board gather images from around the net. Stay inspired gather inspiration because when you need inspiration you’ll always have that to go to.

9. Think conceptually

Design isn’t just about visual aesthetics. designs about ideas and design is art that has a job to do. you want to think about the concept behind your work what is the purpose of your work and  what kind of action is it supposed to precipitate. so think about the concept of your work not just about how it looks.

10. Think strategically

Just like thinking conceptually thinking strategically is thinking about your viewer what is the action that you want your customer or your viewer. Whether that’s an illustration or a video or a graphic design. Think about what the strategy is behind your work.

11. Practice smart design

What smart design is? It is a combination of the art in the science of design. visual aesthetics , strategy and the concept behind the work that is what makes up smart design. Think about the balance between those two things.

12. on your own career

There is no free lunch. no one owes you anything, no one owes your promotion. You have to make the decisions about the type of work that you want to do. Type of place you want to work. the type of clients you want to work for. You own your career so every step of the way the decisions you make are what’s going to take you through the career.

13. Take the initiative

 Challenge yourself every step of the way. Give yourself a goal. give yourself some sort of carrot that you’re going to pursue whether that’s a new skill a new job a new title a new position a new client. Always take the initiative and continue to push yourself and challenge yourself if you really want to become creative graphic designer.

14. Go beyond the brief about graphic design

 Always over deliver, whether that’s over delivering in quality or quantity or interaction or communication. Always go beyond the brief. deliver the brief but always take it a step further because that’s what’s going to differentiate for you from all the other designers in the world.

These were the tips if you want to become creative graphic designer. i am sure you must enjoy the blog.

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