Few Common Mistakes

I’ve been designing for seven to eight years now and i found few common mistakes . I design websites, Logo, apps and other related things. I would like to share some common mistakes that I see almost all in beginner level graphic designers. Because I feel a lot of people send me their design work. They want some feedback and they want to see what I could give them the best suggestion so I wanted to write a blog on sort of the few common mistakes.

1.Big Font

I found common mistakes by beginner level graphic designers that they use big font and more stylish look. You never ever want to use the default fonts that you get on your computer. Whether it be a PC or a Mac. The best place to start is Google web fonts. I mean they have so many fonts and everything one of these fonts are for free.

The great thing about them is you know if you make websites, apps or whatever. You can also integrate them for free into your website. So Google web fonts is a  really as you can see there are like 821 font families and a lot of these funds come in different weights as well. You can go from fonts which like we really seem to the fonts which you’re really bold. It’s a great way to just explore with different fonts never ever use the default fonts that you have on your Mac or PC.

2. Line Height

The second one is line height, a lot of designers make this mistake as every font have different properties so it required different line height also. I see so many designers make this mistake. Do not make this a mistake. it’s a very simple one to fix.

3. Project Brief info

When we do not approach the client for asking complete brief designing requirement, we unable to understand the project fully, at the end we deliver totally opposite task as client was looking for. We don’t ask the client again and again due to in fear that I will not be awarded the project. But this is a misconception. Client always prefer to discuss in detail so that he can get best designing.

4. stock imagery

I see so many people make this mistake and it’s also quite annoying because standard stock imagery is so ugly. This is so hideous. I don’t understand why people use it. Don’t go to websites like shutterstock and other these sort websites because there’s some photography is just so bad. So there is one major website that I always recommend for stock photography and that’s unsplash.  unsplash has so many great images. There are thousands and thousands of images that photographers have just given away for free. This is a no-brainer sort of resource. You don’t want to use standard stock photography. You want to go to a website let unsplash. Most of the photos on here are very lifestyle pictures. There’s so many pictures you’d be hard-pressed to find something that you don’t like.

5. Incorrect File Format

I know a lot of beginner designer who save the file with other format as per client requirement. Some time they finish the project with low format file and later on when client ask them for high resolution file, it become frustration for them.As 72 ppi resolution is too low and we cannot print the big design as we always should use 300 ppi resolution for printing.

6. how to use white space

Another common mistakes by designer is white space isn’t something you can just learn overnight. You can learn this by design more and more. as I said white spaces are something you can just learn overnight. it takes a lot of practice over time. you sort of build a style of white space a lot. Everyone had their own different style of white space so this is a very good gun. It’s not sort of pixel perfect.

7. Stuck on 1 tool only

I know a lot of designers who saw stick to one program and they stay within it. They don’t expand their knowledge which is a big mistake to make. you don’t have to like learn how to code or anything if you’re a designer so if you’re designing say mobile apps or something like that, it’s definitely worth learning. It’s just always a really good thing to know more stuff to know more skills you know.

You don’t want to be locked down to one program and only knowing one thing and then you see all these other designers or excelling ahead going ahead while you’re still stuck doing the same thing. You always want to be expanding if you’re you always want to be doing better. Which I think it’s very important. I think a lot of people get used to the thing of or they’ve been to school. They don’t want to learn anymore which is a big mistake. After school you should always be learning. You should always be learning these things

These are just sort of few common mistakes I see a lot designers make beginners. Hopefully you all enjoyed my blog

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