We are just two months away from 2020, and everyone has started wondering how the graphic design world is going to look. There is no doubt that for many, the field of graphic design has managed to always be of great inspiration and deep admiration, and we can’t stop ourselves from witnessing what’s waiting.

Graphic Design is an art of communicating a message via text and visual content. The communication can be made either through physical or digital media. Being a graphic designer, you must know the fact that regardless of which project you work on, you should have an understanding about the latest graphic design trends. This helps to ensure that the work you have submitted is in line with the new trends.

The year 2019 has been a vibrant year for graphic design. Designers have experimented in a lot of different directions. After knowing that, we are sure that the year 2020 is going to be no different. Let’s have a look at the trends that will dominate the upcoming year.

  • Isometric illustrations:

You must be thinking that isometric illustrations have been there for years. Yes, the trend has indeed been on the list for many years, but it has undergone many revolutions. Often used for presentation, web and infographic designs, this trend has been famous because of its ability to illustrate 3D objects on a 2D surface. In 2020, movement will be everything. Isometric designs change into a visual solution that is completely animated and highly engaging. 3D objects translated into a 2D surface have evolved so much now that it brings out more reality in graphics these days and is therefore a hit. We think that the isometric illustration trend will continue to evolve to a point where it looks like real 3D that moves and interacts with the audience.

  • Augmented Reality:

The combination of graphic design and augmented reality is simply enthralling. Undoubtedly, AR has an immense ability to change the way we communicate stories and interact with our environments. And this ability generates the curiosity of all types of brands and graphic designers. For example, Zach Lieberman, a creative coder, created an exceptional app called the Weird Type App (eyeondesign). The app enables users to work in space with moving typography. Although in graphic design, AR has not yet reached the mainstream, it is still considered the industry’s next big thing. Graphic designers are examining innovative and useful ways to use the AR technology. This trend has developed a secure position in the business field, and we think that in early 2020, it will open up a new world of modern graphic design.

  • Shiny Metals:

In graphic design, the use of metallic materials is extremely fashionable for product design and brand identity. As per the guidelines, this trend necessitates a minimalist design so that the whole emphasis should be on the metallic effect. Although designers are mostly using gold, as it reflects luxury and class, the result can also be attained by using glossy surfaces over the non glossy surfacesin any shade. To create the effect even more striking, professionals are combining this trend with relief etching for brand identity physical materialslike business cards.


  • Handwritten Illustrations:

Some brands are likely to use generic illustrations. This habit is so outdated that if you still use it for any brand, it will only work against them. It has been stated many times that we are in the era of new design where authenticity is the slogan. Luckily, the principles of new design offer various ways for brands to stand out. One of the most excellent ways to create distinctive visual assets is by using hand-drawn illustrations. The brand that mastered the use of hand-drawn illustrations is MailChimp. The greatest thing about hand-drawn illustrations is that they are complex. It means that no other brand can copy your illustration masterpiece.

After looking at the above trends, it seems that in the field of graphic design, the year 2020 is going to be very exciting. With the continuous development in technology, designers are experimenting with their creations. Now that we have presented the graphic design trends that will dominate the design industry in the upcoming year, it’s time for you to start implementing these trends in your design projects.

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