Do you know what is going on guys? Today I am starting here ten certain Typography font. That it’s just really like, really used for examples, blogs, thumbnails posters. You can free download these all¬†Typography font from download button mentioned at the end of this blog,


Scratchy this thing going so ARAME is the first Typography font up coming up, it’s kind of like a really cool Typography font. Which is really Typography font dope. This is not the actual original VA spacing by the way. The original VA spacing is kind of like just kind of like obviously more squished up.

But this for me I kind of split the letters apart a little bit of kind of giving a little more space because I feel like this is. How I use it a lot personally kind a like a cool little stitching effect.

If you guys see the little Xs and whatnot like around the actual banner or the background. it’s kind of how I would use it. I would write a word out as it feels like simplistic kind of like where the letters pretty far apart. It just really works out just kind of like fill some space around.


This Typography font Commando I personally use probably a little bit too much because simply, I use it a lot for the kind of like this just sort of thumbnails. I have to be about FPS shooters and I did a lot of thumbnails. This is one of those fonts I just really just come in the clutch it almost it literally says a command. Now if that isn’t money like something like hold in here. What not it’s just one of those things you’re definitely I love this font.


Motion control Typography font right here is more or less something. I use that just kind of like, I needed a cool little subfont very cool clean kind of text. it also has this real sort of like weight to it for each letter. It doesn’t feel like, it’s all just this one. I guess thickness and whatnot it’s close enough. I think it is but it just has a really cool character characteristic to it.


Next most famous Typography font Plateia. This fine here is more like a really cool horizontal kind of heavy font right, Or if you’re looking to fill space and also kind of key this really cool clean look to it. This boundary here is gonna kill it. It’s your favorite definitely. it’s really clean it’s beautiful. It also feels a lot of space without having any trouble. You know using a certain word to fill the space kind of thing speaking of filling space there’s a lot of time.


The next one Typography font here is called calluna. This font here is very compact also the pretty cool and vertical heavy font. This reminded personally a font called per Burbank for a fortnight right, so kind of like this is just one of those fonts. If you want to fit more word in whatever project you’re working on. This is one that’s gonna help you and you guys will know what I mean by that. When if you just like that’s it. I know what you’re talking about that’s, what I’m talking about this.


Next one Typography font is called Russo one. This fought for me personally is this kind of like one of those kinds of fonts that I use. I believe the numbers on this is really cool but also just got it.


it’s one of just another clean Typography font of mine honestly, I love Neosans because I having these pretty¬†Typography font. But just that’s just a lie like I just like the clean header font.


The next Typography font here is called calligraphy wet. Almost the exact opposite this one here actually used a lot with the combination of Burbank. For the today Typography font right and this for some reason. This has a really really cool texture to it. I like little paint splatters like around sort of certain letters. Which makes it look really cool for use like a really cool high pass blue. You pick a vibrant color right with any layer style like linear dodge add of like the inner glow it looks so sweet because the little like. I said a little plank paint splatters look so dope.


The next Typography font here it is called Osaka sans. This font here actually I am using on a live stream. This is really really font really incapacitate also a lot of the characters like the K the a just look really cool thing. You gonna edit those and like put them in other fonts it just works.


The last Typography font here is called Kanit. I am using this mostly for those texts that are she’s one of those fonts that for text. When he wanted to be as clear as day and just like hey this is happening May 19th. At this time, you know kind of thing if you guys like for me personally, I use a lot it for a letter use me up numbers. Most of the times for numbers there we go and just looks really cool, clean and also like I said for text and whatnot want to be as clear as possible.

If you even found my blog you guys know that’s been like a dream organization of me. I really didn’t think it was like in grass but your guys did it. So what that being said thank you guys so very much for reading the blog. if you guys would like to please comment down the Typography font that you’ve been personally using the most.

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