What is Typography:

Typography is defined as the setting of and printing with type. Even though you have lots of fun elements to bring in, if people can’t read your message through your text then the purpose of your design will not fulfill. So your typography helps to convey the message just like your voice inflection would when you’re speaking with someone. As typography is real backbone and foundation of the design.  

Real Life Example

Imagine that I look out my classroom window and I see someone about to jump off of a five-story building and I say stop don’t jump.  Another example might be if I look to the back of the classroom see the clock on the wall and I say it’s 3 o’clock. My voice inflection in each of those instances does not match what I’m trying to communicate.

Why it is so important?

There are many aspects have to be considered which involves the size, font, alignment, Family. Mostly typography used for user friendly , simple and clean understand to read. While writing you needs to consider all above mentioned aspects of your audience so that they focus on your statement. The importance of page design or formatting is the power in your hand to grab the audience while using typography.  Some time we lose clients due to using irrelevant font for our design which don’t fit. I am writing the main few importance of typography.

Typography is important as

 It attracts and holds the audience’s attention.


 Reader friendly.

 Helps to create harmony

 Establishes an information hierarchy.

 Creates and builds recognition.

Typeface VS  Font

In simple words, typeface is  known as font family. It is a set of characters that share common design features and  font is the way a typeface is styled.Typeface is considered by special weight, style, width , height. And fonts  

Typeface: (Font Family)Book Antiqua


Book Antiqua Regular

Book Antiqua Narrow

12pt Book Antiqua Bold Italic

9pt Book Antiqua regular

12pt Book Antiqua Narrow

Book Antiqua Black

Book Antiqua Italic

9pt Book Antiqua Bold Italic

Book Antiqua Bold

Common types of font

Serif is the most common type of font and can be define as the tiny trimming at the end of each letter. Serif fonts are commonly used in print media like as newspaper, Publication, books and journals. Common serif fonts are Times New Roman, Bookman Old Style, Garamond and Courier. some other font types are below.


Symbol & Glyphic Fonts





Color Fonts


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